Event Management/Middleware Platform

Our solution features harmonious orchestration of systems and applications in your complex eco-system, and it supports multi-channel customer engagement and aligns with the need for fast-to-market to edge your competitors. It helps you to innovate and personalize offerings by providing insights of customer behavior and trends.

Product Brief

Event Management/Middleware Platform (EMP) is a proven middleware which addresses the need for top-notch symbiosis in IT eco-system of an organisation. It is vendor-agnostic; thus, effortlessly orchestrates systems and applications enabling effective and efficient automation and digitilization process spanning through various applications and databases. The complex processes, service flows and tasks within these systems are nagivated through with ease for right time and right service deliveries.

It supports multichannel and omni channel customer interaction and service engagement thus expanding the market reach and creating instantaneous customer engagement and service subscription. The resulting high volume of transactions for service enquiries, requests and deliveries is smoothly managed via EMP’s robust traffic management and service provisioning mechanism.

EMP is a complete business support applications, where it consists of customer relationship management, assets management, analytics as well as billing and marketing solutions. It is continuously developed to be current and future-proof, aligned to new and emerging technologies and trends. Therefore, it accelerates adoption by various industries, especially Telecommunications and Service Providers, addressing digitization, smart cities, Internet-of-Things initiatives, and in the future, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

Key Features


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Low Cost To Own
  • No replacement of your existing systems, as emp is designed to be complimentary.
  • Seamless integration with any systems, i.e. your legacy system or that of you business partners.
  • Deployment can be scaled down or in phases.
  • Available as SaaS
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Speed To Market

  • Fast development & deployment with speed of customization
  • Ready workable applications –CRM, Billing, Assets Management and Campaign Management
  • Developed based of A-Z of typical service provision
  • Expedite marketing of  services and products to the market, to edge competitors

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Wide Market Reach

  • Supports various channels of customer’s engagement such as mobile apps, connected devices, and social media;
  • Market segmentation can be determined for targeted programmes such as promotions.
  • Creates immediate market reach,  in almost real-time services delivery
  • Encourages immediate & impulsive purchases
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Service / Product Personalization

  • Provides customers’ trends and behavior
  • Recommends service/products with high potential of purchases/subscriptions
  • Personalises services/product offerings based on customer interests and purchases/subscription trends
  • Data collection and analytics for customers’ trends and predictive behaviours

  • Senior IT Executive, Malaysian Telcos
    “…Generally, the product meets our needs and requirements and we are satisfied with the quality and timeline delivered. They are at par with other giant IT vendors and I would recommend them to others”
    Senior IT Executive, Malaysian Telcos
  • Manager, Malaysian Telcos
    "Detik ideal developed reliable, useful and high quality products... We are satisfied with the deliverables and will purchase their products in the future"
    Manager, Malaysian Telcos