Event Management/Middleware Platform

Our solution features harmonious orchestration of systems and applications in your complex eco-system, and it supports multi-channel customer engagement and aligns with the need for fast-to-market to edge your competitors. It helps you to innovate and personalize offerings by providing insights of customer behavior and trends.

Product Brief

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Low Cost To Own
  • No replacement of your existing systems, as emp is designed to be complimentary.
  • Seamless integration with any systems, i.e. your legacy system or that of you business partners.
  • Deployment can be scaled down or in phases.
  • Available as SaaS
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Speed To Market

  • Fast development & deployment with speed of customization
  • Ready workable applications –CRM, Billing, Assets Management and Campaign Management
  • Developed based of A-Z of typical service provision
  • Expedite marketing of  services and products to the market, to edge competitors

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Wide Market Reach

  • Supports various channels of customer’s engagement such as mobile apps, connected devices, and social media;
  • Market segmentation can be determined for targeted programmes such as promotions.
  • Creates immediate market reach,  in almost real-time services delivery
  • Encourages immediate & impulsive purchases
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Service / Product Personalization

  • Provides customers’ trends and behavior
  • Recommends service/products with high potential of purchases/subscriptions
  • Personalises services/product offerings based on customer interests and purchases/subscription trends
  • Data collection and analytics for customers’ trends and predictive behaviours

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